What are the effects of lack of sleep on health?

Good sleep is essential for our health, as much as physical activity or nutrition. Despite this, people’s sleep time continues to decrease over the years, dropping below the symbolic bar of 7 hours per night. Why is it essential for our health to have a good sleep?

Decreased immunity

When we sleep peacefully, our body works! It produces antibodies and cytokines which have the role of fighting foreign particles, so a lack of sleep will result in difficulties to heal infections and a longer convalescence. Good sleep therefore makes it possible to add biological protection during this pandemic period.

Cytokines are collections of proteins that act as signals that allow cells to act remotely on other cells to regulate their activity. Certain cytokines promote sleep.

Studies over the past 10 years show that long-term sleep deprivation increases the risk of chronic inflammation, which is directly correlated with the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Harm of lack of sleep

While sleeping, the brain purges itself: it eliminates toxins and sorts out its learning. In essence, during a sleep deprivation, there is a defect in DNA repair and the lysosomes which act as “garbage cans” no longer empty. During intense fatigue, alterations accumulate in neurons and will then send signals inducing sleep, thus promoting brain regeneration.

Lysosomes perform intracellular digestion by acidic enzymes.

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