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USA: Hydroxychloroquine prescriptions skyrocketed in one month

Health-Facts: Hydroxychloroquine

In the United States, where the coronavirus epidemic is raging, in less than a month, prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine, used in the symptomatic treatment of the disease, have increased by 86%. The country remains the most affected by the covid-19 pandemic, both in number of cases and deaths.

While this drug, used against malaria and diseases like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, has proven its effectiveness in patients with coronavirus, it has been at the center of a fierce political battle between those who favor it and those who felt it was either ineffective or had dangerous side effects.

Even the World Health Organization had stopped its experiments for a while after the publication of a study that found the drug unsafe. A few days later, the WHO reversed its decision after 3 of the 4 study authors recanted.

In the United States, where the epidemic is out of control and causing great concern, supporters of President Donald Trump have all been converted to the drug following his advocacy for its use. But many Americans did not wait for the president to talk about it to get the drug.