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Symptoms of the coronavirus: the first and new signs of Covid-19

What are the most common symptoms?

In a European study published in April 2020 by around fifty ENT physicians and researchers on 1,420 patients with mild or moderate COVID-19 infection, the most commonly observed symptoms are: headache (70.3%), loss of smell (70.2%), nasal obstruction (67.8%), cough (63.2%), asthenia (63.3%), myalgia (62.5%) , rhinorrhea (60.1%), taste dysfunction (54.2%), sore throat (52.9%). Fever was reported by 45.4% of patients.

Male-female symptoms and age differences

The authors of the European study confirms that the prevalence of symptoms varies by age and sex. Of their patients, 962 were women (67.7%) and 459 were men (32.3%).

• Young patients more often have ENT disorders (ear, nose and throat).

• Elderly patients often present with fever, fatigue and loss of appetite.

• Men suffer from coughs and fever more frequently.

• Loss of smell, headaches, nasal obstruction and fatigue are more common in women.

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