Nutrition: iron-rich foods

In which food do you find iron?
So, iron is an extremely important mineral that we will find in all the cells of our body. It helps in particular the transport of oxygen in our various organs in our food.

Iron exists in two forms, a first so-called heme form present in the blood of animals, the second so-called non-heme form present in the plant world. the two forms of iron are not assimilated in the same manner, it is the animal iron which is better assimilated by our organism than the vegetable iron.

The animal iron will be found mainly including the fish and egg meat family and more particularly in offal and red meats.
Regarding the vegetable iron there is a nutritional trick to facilitate its assimilation, it will include absorbing or consume foods rich in vitamin C at the same time as foods rich in vegetable iron.

So what are the foods that will contain non-heme iron, ie vegetable iron in good proportion?
Is particularly in fresh vegetables such as parsley, watercress or spinach, vegetables also like beans, chickpeas etc …
We will also find vegetable iron including oleaginous fruits and dried fruits such as dried figs or almonds and hazelnuts so we will also pay attention to the consumption of tea during meals, because tea limits the absorption of iron .

Well, now you know what foods to find iron.