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How do you remember the details of your dreams? Psychology has the answer

A person goes through many experiences in his life, but some experiences in our life, such as dreams, gain value and importance, and we do not forget them when documented, through writing … According to a report by Cristian Vázquez in the Spanish newspaper “El Diario”.

The writer pointed out that each dream has a special meaning, and to uncover the secrets of dreams, it is necessary to write their details. According to the Spanish psychologist Fernando Azor, dreams are “a nocturnal representation of the endless illusions, fears, longings and emotions, which the mind regenerates during sleep, allowing facts and memories to be reformulated anew.”

Azor explains that this process allows “processing” of daily events and memories, as is the case, for example, when you dream about a specific problem and confront it in real life several times, this is an indication that it is time to get rid of it so that it opens the way to new experiences and knowledge of more important things.

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