Health and fitness

When we talk about fitness, you should know that it is not only related to sports activities, because fitness has to do with all the daily activities that you do and therefore has a close relationship to your general health. If you want to be healthy, you must take care of your physical fitness, and vice versa.

Health fitness or skill fitness?

This section is going to show you the difference between your health fitness and skill fitness.

Your health fitness applies more to your daily tasks and appearance.

If you look after these, then you should be healthy and developed in the following ways:

  • The cardiovascular endurance is relatively strong which means that your muscles are able to get enough oxygen to work efficiently.
  • Muscular strength is strong enough to pull and push things in normal life.
  • Flexibility is the amount of rotation you can pull or push joints without injury.
  • body composition you have a healthy appearance.