Coronavirus: 75 thousand injuries in one day in America – Thursday, June 16

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The United States continued to break records of the number of cases of coronavirus, as the country recorded 75,000 new cases on Thursday, a record daily increase for the seventh time this month.

In addition to the infections that reached 3.53 million, the number of deaths due to the virus is also increasing inside the United States, reaching a total of 138,000, and has recently reached its highest levels since early June in states led by Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

Thirty of the 50 U.S. states registered record increases in injuries over a single day this month. In almost all states, infections are increasing, according to a Reuters analysis of the last two weeks, compared to the previous two weeks.

These numbers are twice as high as those recorded in April, when most of the US states were subject to isolation measures to curb the outbreak.