Corona … more than 700 thousand deaths globally

The number of deaths due to the emerging corona virus has exceeded 700,000 worldwide since the outbreak of the disease late last year, while many countries continue to fight continuous waves of the epidemic and take new measures for prevention.

The total confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease caused by the virus have risen to more than 18.7 million cases worldwide, of which about 705,000 have died, and 11.9 million have recovered, according to the Worldometer statistical platform that tracks the spread of the epidemic.

The confirmed infection numbers only reflect a small portion of the actual number of people infected, as some countries only carry out tests for severe cases, and many poor countries have limited testing capabilities.

The United States remains the most affected country in terms of the number of deaths, which have reached more than 160,000 – according to World Meter – followed by Brazil with about 96,000, Mexico with 48,000, Britain with 46,000, and India with about 40,000 deaths.