3 tips to healthy fitness during winter Fitness and winter

Frigid winter temperatures may make you want to skip your workout and curl up in a blanket inside but it’s important not to let the weather affect your exercise plan.

We show you three tips to remember if you want to be successful in cold sports:

  • Number one: check the weather, because when runners or other exercisers really get into trouble is when they think it’s going to be colder than it is or they think it’s going to be warmer than it is.
  • Second tip is to dress in layers again because you can under and over dress in the winter, if you have layers you’re able to keep warm but then shed them when you start to warm up and make
    sure you keep your ears, hands and nose covered.
  • Third tip for exercising in the winter is to stay hydrated, a lot of times in the cold we don’t feel like we’re sweating as much as we do in the summer but underneath those layers you really are and the clothes are just soaking it up, so don’t underestimate your fluid losses and get inside after you’re done exercising because the moisture from the sweat can cause your body to cool quickly when you’re outside in cool temperatures.